Foods That Cause Obesity

Eating your favorite snacks and dishes might be the reason behind your obesity. Sounds disappointing! But it is true. Certain foods are not only bad for health but also lead to obesity.

Want to know more about those foods, continue reading this article to find out.

As you know, obesity is a chronic metabolic and lifestyle disease that leads to serious health-related problems. Although obesity happens for many varied reasons, the main reason is what you consume and in what amounts (Because the extra calories you consume are stored as fat in your body). So, it is important to understand the importance of diet in meals so that you can keep a healthy body.



7 Foods that cause obesity 

Here are the top 7 foods that can cause obesity: 

  1. Potato chips: One of the favorite snacks of all time! But this is the first food item on this list that you need to avoid. Why? Because chips are made from sunflower, safflower, and corn oils which are high in fats. Besides that, when they fry the potato chips at high temperatures the starch inside them starts making the chemical acrylamide, which can lead to cancer or aging.
  2.  Sugar-sweetened coffee: Coffee lovers, who don’t like to drink bitter coffee! Start avoiding that extra sachet of sugar in your drink if you don’t want weight gain or obesity. Because this type of coffee is bad for health because it can cause heart disease, stroke, or type 2 diabetes. Unsweetened coffee is good for your health but drinks it only in the mornings -because caffeine after sunset takes time to digest and takes a long time to get excreted out of the body which can impact your sleep hormone and cause sleepless nights.
  3. Ice cream: If you eat ice cream as a dessert it only adds extra calories to your body even after you are full. And that is the reason you should avoid eating ice cream after you have already eaten your meal. If you eat ice cream as an occasional treat, then it’s okay. To keep it healthier, choose ice cream that is less than 15 grams per serving. Exercise portion control to eat it.
  4. Pizza: One of the favorite party foods of all time! Start avoiding this food if you consume it regularly. Why? Because most pizzas have high fats, refined carbs, and calories. And some of them have processed meats and substantial amounts of cheese which has been smoked, salted, or cured which can lead to obesity or increase the risk of heart disease and a certain type of cancer. If you eat pizza try to eat it occasionally and then it can serve as well – a rounded diet.
  5. Cookies and doughnuts: Favorite tea and coffee-time snack! Start to avoid these snacks because they are made up of high amounts of sugar, refined flour, and fat. And this is bad for you because it adds extra calories to your body that can lead to obesity or weight gain; extreme amounts of sugar or fat can lead to type 2 diabetes or heart diseases. So, if you want to consume those cookies and donuts only take in small servings of one or two pieces occasionally.
  6.  Chocolate: Chocolate is something that you should avoid. Because most chocolates are made with substantial amounts of sugar and fats. That only helps to add extra calories to your body. Although, dark chocolate is good for health as it helps to improve heart health and brain function. So, only eat dark chocolate in moderation.
  7.  Cold drinks/sodas: Even though it’s not alcohol it is still bad for your health. Because sodas contain excessive amounts of sugar and calories and they can lead to weight gain, obesity, or increase the chances of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer too. So, that’s why you should avoid it regularly. You can still enjoy drinking them occasionally in tiny amounts, for the sake of taste and enjoyment.

Prevention of obesity by diet and portion control 

Obesity happens due to the consumption of extra calories that are stored as fat in our bodies. To avoid that, you need to make changes in your diet and try to develop the habit of portion control.

  • Use small Dinnerware. It helps you achieve portion control and limit your diet.
  • Use your plates as a guide for portion control. Use a plate to measure what amount of food you should consume in your diet.
  1. Vegetables or salad: Half a plate
  2. High-quality protein: Quarter of a plate — including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, tofu, beans, and pulses
  3. Complex carbs: Quarter of a plate — such as whole grains and starchy vegetables
  4. High-fat foods: Half a tablespoon (7 grams) — for cheese, oils, and butter

This is a rough guide on how you can use it for portion control. But it can vary according to your body requirement and food calories.

  • Start your meal with water. Drinking water 30 minutes before eating helps you practice portion control and makes you less hungry.
  • Eat slowly. Because when we eat in hurry, we consume more than we need.
  • Make yourself aware of the suitable serving sizes of food products. It helps you do portion control.

Obesity is something that can happen when you don’t take care of your body. And it’s a chronic disease that leads to serious health-related problems. So, eat food in moderation and try to maintain a healthy weight to maintain a good body without any complications.

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