How Hunger Hormones Control Weight Loss

Hunger hormones- Ghrelin and Leptin can control your weight loss. If you maintain their levels by following your weight management plan you can lose weight drastically. Log on to and schedule a consultation. 

What is Ghrelin? How does it work? 

Ghrelin is a hunger hormone that is released by the stomach when it’s empty. This hormone is released in the blood and travels through to the hypothalamus (part of the brain) and signals hunger to the brain. It affects your eating patterns (both short and long-term) and metabolism. Its concentration is high before eating a meal and starts lowering after your stomach is full.  

What is leptin? How does it work?  

Leptin is a hormone that lets you know when you’ve had enough food in your stomach. It also decreases your appetite and signals your body that it’s time to burn fat for energy. It is released by fat cells into your bloodstream to let the brain know that you have enough food in the stomach, you don’t need to eat anymore, and you can start making energy out of stored food.  

Leptin plays a bigger role than ghrelin in weight gain and energy balancing. It also links your thyroid with the brain. When it works well, you have a better metabolic rate, better mood regulation, sharp memory, better brain functioning, and mental sharpness. But when your leptin doesn’t work properly, it can play a role in obesity, mood swings, and create brain fog. This can happen because your body develops leptin resistance. 

Leptin resistance happens when the body produces more leptin hormone in the body due to more fat existing in adipose tissues of the body. High exposure to the leptin hormone creates resistance to appetite-suppressing effects. Now, the leptin hormone is not able to send signals to the brain and the brain thinks that you still need food, or you are still starving, so keep it sending a message to eat even where it should stop. When you eat more food than your body’s requirements you increase leptin production even more. And in this way, leptin resistance gives way to obesity.  

How to control hunger hormones?  

Is it possible to control hunger hormones? Yes, there is. Some factors help you to manage hunger hormones such as:  

  1. Start avoiding high-fat foods. Because when you eat fatty foods, your system doesn’t work well as it must process more calories and fat, which is not utilized for energy but can be stored as fat for future needs leading to weight gain. Some of the digestion and processing of such foods happen even after 3 days of a high-fat diet. You should eat a diet that has carbs and is high in protein that suppresses ghrelin more effectively. 
  2. Get a proper amount of sleep. According to a study, sleep deprivation can increase your ghrelin levels, appetite, and hunger compared to people who take a proper amount of sleep.  
  3. Avoid stress. Stress increases the levels of cortisol. Increased cortisol levels create resistance to the leptin hormone and increase the ghrelin hormone, which can result in overeating. Manage your stress with stress-coping techniques.  

These steps ensure that your hunger hormones work properly and promote good health. 

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