The Solution to your Weight-loss Woes is Here.

Have you been on the lookout for every new weight loss trend that keeps popping up on the Internet and made efforts to sweat it out at the gym; skip that favorite meal or try that new diet everyone seems to be on, but still end up disappointed when it comes to losing that extra pound? 

Have you tried everything under the sun to lose weight and nothing seems to work?  



The solution to your weight loss woes is here….

Start your journey to a healthier version of yourself with Doral Health & Wellness.

If you look up “Bariatrics” on Google, you find something like  “Of or relating to the treatment of obesity”. In medicine, it refers to an umbrella term consisting of bariatric surgeons, doctors, nutritionists, and therapists who identify, manage and treat obesity and related health issues.

WHO (World Health Organization) defines Obesity as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. The CDC (Centres for Disease Control & Prevention) 2020 obesity prevalence maps show that an alarming 28% of adult Americans are obese in the North-eastern United States (including the state of New York).

Obesity can happen due to multiple factors such as bad eating habits, underlying medical conditions, and hormonal imbalances. Our team will work with you on weight loss programs that come from years of training and medical research.

What will Bariatrics do for me?

Weight loss has many health benefits:

  1. Maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Improved self-worth and quality of life 
  3. Lower risk of diseases primarily Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and strokes, Cancers(including endometrial, breast, ovarian, prostate, liver, gallbladder, kidney, and colon),  Arthritis, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and many others.

Doral Health & Wellness has an innovative Bariatrics center that helps people achieve their weight loss goals using lifestyle changes and the most modern and safe techniques in bariatric surgery. We are fully accredited and follow the highest US medical safety standards.


To learn more about bariatric surgery and the many benefits it may have for you, contact Doral Health & Wellness online or call our offices at 347-868-1060.


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