Did you know that one of the growing children’s diseases is childhood obesity? And there are many reasons behind this. But not many parents take care of those reasons and as a result, their children suffer from childhood obesity which leads to further complications.  

So, what are the complications that can affect your children if they have obesity? Read about them in this article on childhood obesity.  

Childhood obesity is a condition that can affect your child and leads to excessive weight gain. There are many reasons behind this weight gain such as junk food, no physical activity, stress because of study or family issues, a family history of obesity, etc. Obesity not only destroys your child’s self-esteem but also leads to many complications such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, joint pain, breathing problems, liver damage, asthma, arthritis, sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, etc.  

Obesity is a chronic disease which means there is no cure for obesity. But by taking precautions and managing your obesity with the treatment, you can make your child healthy again.  

Learn how you can manage your children’s weight. 

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Childhood obesity treatment can be done through medications, physical therapy, diet and lifestyle changes, and weight loss surgery 

Diet and lifestyle changes 

Diet and lifestyle changes are the first course of treatment used and recommended. With these changes, you can maintain your child’s health naturally without making your child eat medication and surgeries.  

You can follow these steps to make diet and lifestyle changes: 

  • First, at the time of buying groceries try to avoid buying processed foods heavy in fats and calories (biscuits, cookies, soda, chips, pastries, cakes, or other foods) instead buy fruits and vegetables. 
  • Try to introduce new fruits or vegetables into their diet so that they develop a habit of eating healthily. 
  • Try to limit sweetened beverages such as sodas, cold drinks, carbonated juices, etc. Instead, make them drink fresh cold-pressed fruit juices (preferably with pulp) and smoothies.  
  • Make a routine to eat together as a family. So that, while eating they don’t use their phones, computers, or TV and know how much food they have eaten. And teach portion control while eating.  
  • Take them with you to the gym, or park, or plan a trip for the family which includes physical activity such as swimming, cycling, etc.  
  • Make a routine for them to sleep on time.  

Physical activity 

Video games, phones, and social media are the biggest reasons why kids no longer go out and play. Without physical activity, the body is not able to burn calories and strengthen bones and muscles, and this leads to inadequate sleep they need to keep them healthy.  

But with the right guidance, you can make your children get enough exercise and physical activity that is important for their health. Follow these steps:  

  • Take them to sports matches so that they can see and like outdoor games. 
  • Help them enroll in classes in any sport he/she likes so that they go there every day and get a lot of physical exercises.  
  • Take them to the gym with you, make them notice you, and teach them some exercises to perform.  
  • Limit their TV, video games, and phone time (especially 1 hour before sleep) so that they sleep peacefully.  


This method of treatment is used when any major or no improvement happens in your kid’s weight even after diet and lifestyle changes. Doctors prescribe some medicine such as orlistat, Xenical, etc. that can help to lose your children’s weight. But remember, your child would also need to follow diet or lifestyle changes, a physical exercise regime along with medicines.  


It is the last option for some children at risk of developing obesity-related complications and failing to lose weight by other forms of treatments. They receive weight loss surgery which makes changes in their gut anatomy and size. But weight loss surgery has its pros and cons that need to be considered before this surgery on your child. So, make sure you discuss all your options before going for weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery is not a permanent cure. Your child would also have to maintain a good lifestyle, eating habits, and physical therapy for a healthy weight. 

Childhood obesity is common in kids where parents fail to give time to their children or manage their health. There are other factors too that can be avoided such as unhealthy food habits, eating out frequently, stress, and lack of physical activity. Make sure you give your child the time or guidance they need to take care of themselves.  

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