Where Does Body Fat Go When You Start Losing Weight?

You might think where does your body fat go when you lose weight? And, is there any way to lose weight faster without developing any complications? To get answers to these questions, keep reading this article. Log on to https://bariatricbrooklyn.com/ to find out more. 

Obesity has become a major health problem worldwide. It not only destroys your looks but also your health too. Because obesity is a chronic disease that leads to further other chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and kidney disease.  

The only way to manage your obesity is to lower your weight to prevent these complications. And people who don’t get results from diet and lifestyle plans have to go through weight loss surgery, which also increases the risk of developing side effects.  

To manage your weight and obesity problems you need to reduce your body fat to make you fit and healthy again. Doral Health & Wellness has an advanced bariatric clinic that offers laparoscopic surgeries in bariatrics including Gastric sleeve surgery, Gastric bypass surgery, and Sleeve gastrectomy. 

What is body fat?  

Fat is created by the body through the consumption of calories. Body fat is made up of fat cells (also known as adipocytes) that the body needs to maintain many functions like temperature and shock absorption, to protect the organs, and proper reproductive capacities, and regulate nutrients throughout the skin, hair, and nails to maintain health.  

There are two types of body fat:  

  1. Subcutaneous fat: This layer of fat is under your skin. It is made of many layers of adipose tissue that insulate and protect your body. When this fat is more, overall body fat gets increased.  
  2. Visceral fat: This type of fat surrounds the organs and works as a cushion for the protection of the abdominal organs. When this fat gets more, it increases your weight, especially around the middle section of the body.  

When you start consuming excess amounts of calories, the body uses those calories to produce energy, and the rest are stored in the liver and the body as body fat. The more you consume the more body fat grows. And as a result, your weight starts to increase.  

How does fat loss work?  

During the process of fat loss, body fat starts to burn in the form of energy. And that shrinks the size of the fat cells. The fatty acids in these cells start to break down, which releases some usable energy, and the rest gets converted into carbon dioxide and water. The energy released in this process helps to maintain body temperature. The water is released from the body through sweat and urine. And the carbon dioxide gets out through your lungs by breathing.  

This is the process that happens in your body when you follow a weight loss program through diet and exercise.  

If you look at weight loss due to dietary modifications when you reduce your calories, it’s known as a calorie deficit. Your body doesn’t get the same number of calories, as a result, the body has to burn the stored fat to provide energy.  

And when you do an intense workout, the body needs an extra amount of energy to perform those exercises. For that, the body starts to burn the stored fat to gain energy for workouts.  

Where do you lose fat first?  

It’s hard to tell from which body part you lose weight first because it mostly depends on your genetics and lifestyle which play a major role in body fat distribution.  

People also try spot reduction to focus training to reduce the weight of one spot, but it is not effective.  

Some people lose weight faster than others in certain areas.  

According to one study, people tend to lose the hard fat surrounding the liver and kidneys first and then lose the soft fat around the waist and thighs.  

How to burn fat faster?  

If you think there’s any secret method to burn fat faster; you are wrong, there is none. But some people lose weight faster than others, how? Well losing weight not only depends on diet and exercise, but also your genetics, metabolism, and other lifestyle factors. Genetics and metabolism you cannot change but you can change your lifestyle.  

These are the changes you should make in your lifestyle to burn fat faster: 

  • Perform intense workouts, especially in the evenings because according to one research, the body burns fat faster and grows muscle in the evening workout than in the morning ones.  
  • Sleep more than 7 hours at night.  
  • Participate more in those kinds of activities that keep your body active like dancing, swimming, running, and physical interactive games, or play more with your children, friends, or pets.  
  • Practice mindful eating. Eat on a small plate. Chew your food properly. Use portion control while eating. Keep your focus on your food while eating every single bite.  
  • Avoid snacks, processed food, alcohol, and smoking.  
  • Try to keep a positive mind. So, that you feel less stress throughout the day which also gives you a peaceful sleep. You can use stress relief techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, or exercises.  

Now you know how fat loss happens inside your body. Keep in mind, early or late you get the results depending on your weight loss program, your genetics, and your metabolism. Some people get faster results while others get slow results. Maintaining your weight is important because if you develop obesity, it can easily lead to serious physical problems. Besides your weight loss program, you can use the steps mentioned above in your lifestyle for better results.  


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